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Wokr17 | Welcom


Bonsoir Lucie - Our chef offers a distinguished cuisine, full of life and flavour

An ambitious collaboration that is as creative as it is gourmet.

Bonsoir_Lucie is the unexpected encounter that turns life upside down! One crazy personality, one passion, one goal: to create a generous, colorful, and contemporary culinary project. Trained at École Ducasse, our chef focuses on giving people back the pleasure of simple quality things as well as valuable moments of sharing.

We develop together an inventive and technical menu with flavors from all over the world. A collaboration that highlights the seasons and their good products while prioritizing homemade.

Lucie offers you a finger food/ dish-to-share menu, that varies according to the seasons and the chef' desires, all to be enjoyed at our beautiful Wokr17.

Opening hours:

  • Wednesday to Friday : from 6pm to 10pm
  • Saturday: from 6pm to 10pm
  • Sunday: from 10:30am to 2:30pm

Cocktail bar

Enjoy our delicious cocktails on the terrace in the heart of Brussels!

After dark, our mixologist prepares delicious cocktails for you to sip at the bar or on the terrace.
Choose from our selection of signature cocktails or let yourself be carried away by a tailor-made cocktail! And why not try our selection of handpicked Belgian beers and wines from our cellar chosen by our sommelier? And when the sun is shining, our Oasis breakout garden is there for relaxing, indulging and socializing.


Opening hours:

  • Wednesday & Thursday : From 5pm to 00am
  • Friday & Saturday : From 5pm to 1am

Meeting rooms

Get together to develop innovative ideas!

Yellow chromatic room <5

Our fully-equipped and intimate meeting room is ideal for your small group reunions and brainstorming sessions. Its specificity? A bright yellow colour adorns its walls, an original touch that makes it anything but boring!

Red chromatic room <5

The bright red ground of our chromatic room immediately set the tone: here ideas come from all sides and creativity is queen. We arrange our original meeting room to provide you with optimal comfort and incomparable productivity.

Green chromatic room <10

Bold and immersive, our private lounge looks like an urban jungle. We particularly appreciate it for its cosy designer armchairs, its large screen and its authentic bookcase. Take advantage of this quirky and inspiring space for your meetings and soak up its tropical atmosphere.

Silver chromatic room >10

Equipped with a large table, a screen and a projector, this multifunction meeting room is perfect for activities as diverse as varied: formal meetings, yoga classes, wine tasting… Its exposed brick walls add cachet to the decoration.

The Studio

With several large tables, screen and projector, this spacious multifunctional meeting room can host diverse and varied activities: formal meetings, conferences, afterworks, yoga classes, wine tastings... Its unique access to our beautiful terrace and garden allows natural day light for your various activities. The studio is flexible to suit your every need.

<30 seated and <80 standing


  • From 20 €/hour


Take advantage of a free trial day!


Designed to greet both members and visitors, wokr17 is a stylish and elegant location with intimate decor and personalized services in Brussels.
Welcome to this creative place designed to work alone or as a team, meet people, enjoy after works, and participate to lively events.
The club is where our members meet and give their nerves a little workout. Our superbly equipped offices stimulate creativity and collaboration.


Wokr Membr: 99€/month

• Access from Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 6:30pm
• Wifi access

Wokr Membr+: 149€/month

• Access from Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 6:30pm
• Wifi access
• Water, coffee, tea included
• 2 hours of meeting rooms per week
• 2 free day pass each month for your guests
• 20% discount on our services, food & beverages
• 10% discount for your table
• Special offers on our events

Day Pass20 euros


To take advantage of the free trial day, call us on +3228406862, send an email to hello@wokr.eu or simply click on I book.

Social wine cellar

Enjoy the exclusive services of our social wine cellar

Located in the basement, our social wine cellar is a place of discovery and conviviality.
You can store your own bottles here and we fill your private storage space with a monthly selection of wines hand-picked by our sommelier. Come and meet your fellow cellar dwellers and enjoy delicious wines together under the expert eye of our cellarman. 

Every month, our cellarman shares his favourites with you and highlights carefully selected wines. We also organize occasional events relating to wine and spirits. An opportunity for beginners and enthusiasts to learn more about tasting techniques, the vocabulary of wine, grape varieties, etc.
Make this magical place your own and do with it what you will: our cellar can be privatized on request. 


  • From 160€/month

More services

Wokr17 answer the needs of your imagination!

As a membr of the wokr club, you have access to many advantages and exclusive services, such as the privatization of space or the organization of events.

An ideal place for your events: a cooking class, a wine tasting, a birthday party, a corporate event, a discovery weekend, a theme party or even all of this at the same time? Everything is possible !

Our creative boutique office also houses designed guestrooms, a professional laboratory kitchen, a loft, and  a hidden terrace.  Enough to widen the scope of possibilities: discover, create and share! 

All these services are customizable and complementary.